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Snap-EZ Youth and Adult
Pocket Diaper Reviews!

I recently bought a pocket diaper, size youth medium for my daughter. She is severely disabled and we have always used disposable diapers for her. Lately I haven't been happy with the fit of the diapers our insurance company has been providing for us. So, I started looking for something different. Your diaper fits the bill perfectly! After a few washes in hot water, it fits her beautifully and is much more comfortable than the disposables. I stuffed it with a couple of regular tri-fold cloth diapers I had on hand and it worked great! No leaking at all! We will be ordering more as we can. Thank you for making a quality product!



I have been using your adult regular rise pocket diapers for over 6 months now and they great.  I have used them for both overnight and daytime.  For overnight, I have never had any leaks using two of your two Layer Hemp/Cotton Fleece soakers.  I was concerned that this combination would be absorbent enough for all night, but this combination has worked so very well for me.  I really like the quality construction and the use of the plastic snaps.  The snaps work so much better than the velcro used on so many adult diapers out there.  Thank you for all you do to make our lives better!

I have been using your low rise adult pocket diapers for several years.  They are very durable, holding up well to many washings.  I really like the snaps instead of the velcro fastners used on so many adult diapers. No catching on other items in the wash or on your clothes, like the Velcro will do.  You can adjust the absorbancy by adding soakers and the microfiber inner lining is so soft and comfortable.  Thank you all for an excellent product!




First I want to review the Adult size large "Low Rise" Pocket diaper.
I've got to say I was hesitant to purchase any of these products because I had no experience with them prior to actually trying them out. You can only figure out so much from the net.
My best protection at night has been cotton twill prefolds with plastic pants and I wanted to try something simpler and quicker and that I didn't have to throw away like disposables.
I ordered the Low rise pocket diaper after carefully reading the charts and following the advice on sizing given. As promised, it does shrink after washing and the adjustable snaps allow for this nicely. I learned that the crotch width is quite narrow in keeping with the overall low profile of this pattern. As a result, there's a limit on stuffing one of these and I realized that, for me, better suited for daytime with a single soaker (I use a microfiber) insert which works very well. That combination is, I think very discreet for a physically active person who may require moderate protection. These dont stick up above the pants waistband on me either.
Instead of becoming sweaty, clumpy and uncomfortable like even unused disposables would do after 8-10 hours of moving around, these remain dry feeling and light. They unsnap quickly and are discreet, moderate protection and easy  laundering especially if your doing other similar laundry anyway.

Secondly I want to review the Adult "Regular Rise" Pocket diaper.
These are convenient. You can adjust the stuffing to work for whatever your situation you face. The snaps are a one step process instead of fooling around with pins or snappis to hold up cloth, then plastic pants over that...also they can be changed out of quick- standing up without removing pj's, pants or whatever. As an example I can put an 18x30 or so cotton twill prefold (folded in 3rds) in with 2 or more microfiber inserts for good measure as well, there's room for more. This is at night. You can forget about wearing that combo out and about though, However I dont find them huge under pajama pants with a long T shirt. In short, they perform like they're bulky but they dont feel bulky because of the proven design I guess. No surprise - it's a scaled up version of the effective baby/kid diapers. No velcro either, it seems every similar product out there has velcro fasteners, that can stick to everything when laundering so I think the snaps are much better and aren't scratchy either.
Easier to put on and less bulky than prefolds and plastic pants too, plus no 25lb plastic bag of used disposables to get rid of either. Nice alternative for nightime or private use.




I have an Adult Regular Rise Extra Large pocket diaper and I love it. It is very well made and seems like it will hold up for a long time. It holds a lot of inserts and easily gets me through the night. Washing is easy- just remove inserts and wash. I plan on purchasing more.

I purchased the Snap-EZ Snap Extenders for my Adult Regular Rise pocket diaper to make it bigger. They work very well and have the same soft lining on the inside as the pocket diapers do. I am pleased with them.



I bought two of the pocket diapers a year ago now and I use them every day. I deal with urinary incontinence and have been using disposable diapers for most of my life. I made the switch over to cloth during the night at the recommendation of a friend and it has reduced both how irritated my skin gets from the disposables and also the chances of a rash. I still use disposables during the day, but I am planning on making the switch over to full time cloth in the near future.





Hello and Good Morning Ruth, I have a story to share……Last week I was real sick with the Flu and the easiest way to keep myself protected was to rely on my pocket diaper for easy changing etc. As you know I have a real heavy flow and I can leak badly….well I used my pocket diapers 24/7 for over a week and had NO leaks. I couldn’t believe it they preformed incredibly and I was totally taken back. I believe the comments about the sizing and the absorbency factor once the sizing is gone. What a superior product that you have. I only wish that I could afford more pads and pocket diapers. Thank you so very much for a solution to incontinence with Grace as it can be real difficult at times to manage. Again, Thank you so very much! God have used you in a mighty way. Have a Grace filled rest of the week,



I just wanted to thank you su much for getting my order here in time for our last Rock and Mineral Show. It was a real test for the diaper and soakers, and to tell you the truth, I was a little nervous. But everything worked out just great - even thought bethroom times were far apart! I can't begin to tell you of the wonderful enginerring feat you've created! Not only are they are so comfortable and absorbent, they offer us a new lease on the freedom of life. I've been incontinent for about 20 years now due to suffering from polio. This has also caused swallowing problems which lead to coughing and spams and the need to rush to the bathroom. In most cases "running" (if you can call it that, in a wheelchair) to the bathroom is not possible and the diapers have to take the brunt of the ordeal. Once again, many, many things. I will be ordering several more!

Cherie S



I so know from personal experience that your products are high quality,
and mean so, so, much to my wife and I. Comfort + Quality = Confidence.
Your diapers are the most comfortable I have ever worn.
It is not something I can brag about to my workmates.
But I almost wish I could cause they are that good.
May God bless you and your family.


In September 2011 I bought a sample set of
Snap-EZ adult pocket diapers, regular rise size Large.
I followed a recommendation I got from another Snap-EZ customer
who seemed very satisfied with your diapers,
although this referred to the now discontinued models
and pre-shaped hemp inserts. I bought the new versions
and the rectangular hemp inserts, super size.

After preparing the diapers and inserts as instructed on your homepage,
I immediately was positively surprised about the
enormous absorbency of the hemp inserts.
As I only need them at nighttime, I intentionally chose the larger version.

At first I was unsure about the non-waterproof edges.
But after I discovered the absorbency of the hemp fabric,
I knew why that is not so important.
I have never used another product with such an immense absorbency.
Slight leaking can occur, but that is like any diaper
I have used in the past - waterproof sheets continue to be a must.
This is not a disadvantage, as nearly every
bedwetter I know uses additional protection for the bed.

Currently I have five of those diapers and ten hemp inserts.
Although the snaps are quite powerful
and need some force to open them,
I have not a single sign of tear and wear yet.
Durability is really great!

I would (and will) recommend your diaper system.
In case I had own children, Snap-EZ would be the way to go!

Greetings from Germany


I wanted to thank you for making the pocket diapers for adults.
  They work so well, easy to put on--the snaps are fantastic!
  You can adjust the number of soakers to
make the diaper more absorbent. 
If you have not tried cloth diapering as an adult,
these diapers will make a believer out of you. 
Thanks again to Ruth and staff for an excellent product!


My wife, two sons and I just got back from a 4 day vacation where
we stayed in the home of my wife's sister and her husband.
I want to share with you how your diapers made such
a difference. First of all, there were many other family members
there, and none of them know, to my knowledge, that I need to wear
diapers. And that is the way I want it ! I really have been affected with
some loss of confidence, and shame over this. I try not to but it is still there,
anyway due to a mistake made I did not recieve a shipment of the
disposable diapers that I wear. The only ones we could get were a cheap,
uncomfortable brand that I had no assurance with. On the drive up to their
house ( 400+ miles) I had a leak, which I told no one about. But I felt terribly
low and sad. How could I still go thru with this vacation?!! We got there after
about 2 hrs after I leaked thru. I got in their house and managed to get to our
appointed sleeping quarters, ithout incident. I shared with my wife I wanted to
just go home. I havent felt that bad or low in along time. I felt so sad and
undignified. And now I had taken away my dear wife's focus on enjoyment by
my own condition. I believe in being up-beat and cheery in spirit, and I believe
it is a positive witness. But I was so sad I could
have cried, of course it would not have helped. I felt trapped. If we left, my sons would not get to swim, boat, tube, or any other
activities they so looked forward to. Sometimes life can put you in a place of
weakness, of powerlessness. Now to Snap-EZ, I had 3 Snap-EZ Pocket Diapers
my wife had packed in my suitcase just in case.
No leaks, no sheets to wash and explain, nothing!
Your fine products made my trip better. I haven't gotten in the
water to swim much over the past 3 yrs, but I got the idea that I
could wear a Snap-EZ Pocket Diaper under a swimtruck without an insert.
It worked great. It was so trim I even eventually
tenativelty tried getting pulled on a tube behind a boat!
I couldn't believe it, I I had a red cherry color Snap-EZ and my trunks were red,
so if the water moved my swim trunks enough to reveal the top of the
Snap-EZ diaper, I just pulled the trunks back up,
Thank you, thank you, so much from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.
Your product, your diapers, make me feel better.
I would never have been able to do what I did, or enjoy this last visit
if I had been wearing old fashion cloth diapers and plastic pants.
I love my Snap-EZ diapers!

A Thankful heart, B


Just wanted to let you know that we have
really used the pocket diapers for my great aunt. 
They are the only things that could contain her incontinence at night. 

We started out with the disposable depends they provide through hospice.
They couldn't hold the discharge, so we went to the trusty pocket diapers. 
They are working like a dream!!! 
They are soft and comfortable on her. 
The other diapers just disintegrated trying to get them
under a pretty much bed ridden woman in the final days of life. 
It helps a couple are pink!!! 
They cleaned up beautifully with oxyclean and tide.
Thanks and blessings for what you do.

Moriah Bowers


I just wanted to tell you that the third order was a charm! 
We finally got Ruth, my 93 year old mother-in-law,
settled into the the low rise pocket diapers and they fit perfectly!.

Ruth is really amazed with them and
says she didn't even know she was wet till she checked! 
She has given the website to her urologist who,
when changing her catheter tube,
wanted to be able to recommend your product to other patients.

Again thank you for helping us get the right size. 
The product and service has been exceptional.

Judith P

I ordered some diapers off you about 2 months ago now and received them about one month ago. Since then they have been in use most days and are the best diaper I have ever found for an adult with incontinence as I can stuff them to the degree of absorbance I need day or night.

David, Devon UK

I want to thank you for the work that you and your company do.  Please allow me to share my story.
I want to thank you for the stuffable diaper I ordered for my 80 year old grandmother. 

She has been bedridden for a while, but recently her arthritis pain has moved all over her body.   Because of other health conditions, she is not able to take pain medication that can help her; it is so painful she cannot pick up a teaspoon,
and would rather not move once she has settled into a postion in bed.

She lives in her home, cared for by one of her daughters.  At night, she started using disposable diapers, mainly so she wouldn't have to get up from her bed.  She does not have incontinence problems, so this was difficult for her to accept.  The disposables made her uncomfortable and stayed damp against her skin, and she would end up having to have about 3 changes during the night.  Being unsettled from her bed was very painful for her; and waking frequently was taking a toll on my aunt who has to work during the day as well.

Well, grandma started using her Snap-EZ 4 Life stuffable diaper this week, and it holds her dry all night.  Thank you for saving her from the excruciating pain and giving her and my aunt a full night's rest.  She was so happy and animated when she told me over the phone, it brought tears to my eyes - and I thought you should know that your work and your products have made a very positive difference her quality of life.

Sincerely grateful,

Susana, Texas

I've recently purchased several of your adult aio diapers and one of your new pocket diapers.
I want to thank you. These are the best diapers I've ever worn in my life. 
I've been incontenent for over ten years now and these diapers are a godsend.
I don't worry about leaks at all anymore and they're not bulky like other reuseable diapers.
Thanks again for your wonderful product.

Brian, Minnesota

J.T had this to say about his Snap-EZ 4 Life Youth Pocket Diapers:

(His mom sent this in to me!)
My son heard about your product review contest and wanted to enter.
He dictated the following letter to me - these are his word....  

My name is J.T., well not really. 
These are my initials because my mom says that I can't give my name out on the internet. 

I am 9 years old and I have Autism.
I am telling you this to explain why I use Snap-EZ. 

I use Sap-EZ because I wet my bed at night.
I use Snap-EZ because I sometimes forget I need to use the bathroom during the day.
Before mom got me Snap-EZ I would leak and get my pants wet.
This is not fun.

Now I wear Snap-EZ and I am happy. 
I want to write words for other people to read so they will know why I like
the Snap-EZ 4 Life Pocket Diaper.
I like the way it feels when I wear it.
It is very soft inside.
I can make it fit tight or I can make it fit loose - It has lots of snaps!
My mom can stuff the pocket a little or a lot.
I wear my Snap-EZ Pocket Diaper all night and I am dry in the morning and so is my sheets.
This is a good thing. 
My favorite thing about Snap-EZ Pocket Diapers is that it comes in very cool colors.
My [disposable] plastic diapers were a light green and they crinkled when I walked.
My Snap-EZ Pocket Diapers are quiet. 
They have red outside and white inside and mom says that maybe
we can buy one in melon orange - my favorite color.
The snap-ez lady knows kids like cool colors. 
Mom says that the Snap-EZ lady makes pocket diapers in bigger sizes.
This is good. When I get bigger and older I can still wear my Snap-EZ.
I'm glad I do not have to wear plastic diapers anymore. 
The Snap-EZ lady is very smart. She knows Snap-EZ Pocket Diapers make people happy.
Being happy is a good thing. 

J.T. - these are my initials because I can't tell you my real name on the internet. 

Shawn had this to say about his custom Snap-EZ Pocket Diapers that I made for him in 2004:

I''ve been using Snap-EZ PUL Pocket Diapers in my custom size for nearly 2 years now and they've been exceptional. And they still look like new!

The cover is made with PUL (polyurethane laminate), a polyester knit fabric laminated with a thin layer of polyurethane on the inside, creating a waterproof fabric that is both stretchy and breathable. The biggest advantage to this great fabric though is that it thrives in a hot dryer!

The interior of the diaper is lined with polyester Microfleece from MaldenMills. The great advantage of Microfleece over cotton flannel, or any cotton fabric, is that the breathable and wicking fabric quickly pulls moisture away from the skin and into the soaker, while providing a tremendously comfortable barrier between your skin and the wetness of the diaper.

The legs and waistband are sewn with Lastin, latex free swimwear elastic. Lastin is non-allergenic, and very durable. It's hidden inside the seams, so only Microfleece and PUL ever contacts your skin. The Lastin gives a soft, yet snug fit, making it very comfortable on the legs and waist.

For closure there are three rows of four snaps on each side, ensuring a snug, leakproof fit on the waist, hips and legs. These are strong, non-allergenic, polyacetal resin snaps, that won't irritate the skin, corrode, or rust like metal snaps. Their placement allows a wide band of the cover to hold the diaper in place, keeping the diaper in place even when very, very wet.

The soaker is amazing. A layered affair of several types of knit fabric blends of hemp and cotton, each having a very different hand and purpose. Being knit gives the soaker a soft, pliable nature, that's retained wash after wash, making for a very comfortable fit, whether laying, sitting, or standing.

Now, After two years of heavy use, I am even more satisfied with my Snap-EZ Diapers than the day they arrived. They still smell fresh out of the dryer, and don't release a foul odor when wet, a problem I've had with all my cloth diapers after a short period of use. The attention to detail is even more evident in that not a single seam has come undone or hole appeared. I really appreciate my Snap-EZ Diapers. The best thing though is that because of Ruth, I've really found something that works much better!

Shawn, Alta Loma, CA

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He's got a lot more info in his full review!