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Snap-EZ AIO Training Pants

All-In-One Training Pants are waterproof
and have built in absorbency plus a  "Feel Wet" Inner to aid in potty training!

AIO's are made of an outer layer of knit "PUL" and an inner layer of (Child and Youth size )Cotton Velour -OR- (Adult size) microfleece.

The Cotton Velour quickly absorbs wetness to help prevent leaks, and continues to have a "feel wet" surface to let your child know that they had an "accident".

The Microfleece wicks away moisture to keep the user feeling dry. 

We use plush Fold Over Elastic on AIO Training Pants as it is gentle on the skin and stretchy which makes these easy to put on and take off! This creates a product that functions like underwear, and allows for independence!

The Snaps allow for easy clean up of accidents, as well as  quick and easy changes without taking clothing off!

There are 2-3 rows of 3  snaps to choose from on each side, allowing for adjusting the fit of the leg, hip and waist separately.

These come in Child, Youth and (NEW!) Adult sizes! 






AIO Training Pants
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