Did You Miss This??

On my first post on this blog, and in my last newsletter, I posted about something that I can do in our new shopping cart that I've never been able to do before easily....there was a lot of things going on in that first blog post, so I wanted to highlight this and make sure you didn't miss out on these savings! When the inventory returns to normal levels in these sizes/colors, the price discount will simply disappear! I've updated any that have disappeared now as well (if I list how many are left, there are actually four more than the number there that you can order at that price, but once it drops below 4, I will try to remove the discount). Here's my original info: Overstock Price Reduct

Do You Want To Play a Game?

Our Butterfly game is attracting attention! Many customer have found and used their prize already! Have You Played the Butterfly Game yet? If so, Thanks for participation and I hope you love your prize! If not - Go play it now! Just scroll down below my super cool slide show and you'll find the directions for the game there! I've added some new photos here and there. I have brought back what I call the "color tower", the image of all our fabric colors with the names on each color. I hope that is helpful! I have also photographed my two special needs daughters in the youth sizes pocket diaper and your Stuffable Briefs/AIO Training Pants! So far I am loving this new website format, especi

New Beginnings, Fresh Starts...

As we begin a new year, Snap-EZ is beginning a new everything! We have moved to a new host, which gives us a new shopping cart, new email creator, a new blog and so much more! If you are like me, in general you dislike change. Keeping things the way they are is familiar, simple, and seemingly easy. But sometimes, change is good. Sometimes the process to change is painful, but in the end it creates peace and actually make the day to day easier. I believe this will be true of these changes! I've spent over 60 hours working on this new website, so I, for one, am certainly hoping that this will be the case! So far, I like what I am seeing, with a few exceptions, but I won't bother you with

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