You Tube Review!

A few months ago we had a customer order from us. He then told me that he had found us through a YouTube review. He has since become a loyal customer! Out of curiosity, I looked up the video he had watched. It was over 3 years old! In the video, the reviewer made a few comments about changes she would make. One of those was to try a Suede Cloth inner (we currently use Micro Fleece). I took it upon myself to contact her, and custom made this Rainbow Stripe Pocket Diaper with a suede cloth inner. After watching the video, I am glad I had her test it. While the suede cloth is super soft, microfleece seems to perform better. And, to answer a few of her other questions. 1) Yes, these come

Meet Snap-EZ Brand Rep, Amy

This is the story of one customer and how Snap-EZ Cloth Diapers are meeting the needs of her special needs child.

Spring Cleaning: Part 2

Anyone else out there avoid things because you are not mentally prepared to do what it is you are avoiding? No? Just me? Oh. Well then, the good news is that I finally sat down to do the “thing” I've been avoiding. Here I am, writing this blog post. Yep, blogging is a weakness of mine...actually, writing is my weakness. I have never enjoyed it, I never feel like I'm nearly as eloquent as so many other bloggers out there...but here I am. Why do I do it, when I clearly do not love it? Well, 2 reasons really. I know, that as a small business owner whose entire business lives on the internet, blogging is necessary. There are things that need to be said/heard! The main reason I have been avoiding

Spring it too late?

As the school years comes to an end, my kids have constantly been asking when it will be summer. And, as a homeschooling mama, I give them the technical answer. You know, technically June 21st is the first day of summer...but we can have summer-like weather at anytime. To be honest, in our neck of the woods, summer-like weather is hit or miss even throughout the summer. :) So, it's a valid question. And we are looking forward to it! School is officially over on Friday...THIS FRIDAY! Woo hoo! We are thrilled. The countdown is definitely on. So, back to my question, is it too late to do some spring cleaning? With 16 days left of spring, I say that now is the best time to finish up (or start) m

Snap-EZ Brand Rep Search

Snap-EZ is holding its first ever Brand Rep and Brand Enthusiast Search- (specifically for Instagram)! We are looking for 3 Brand Reps and 6 Brand Enthusiasts. What is a Brand Rep, you ask? “A brand rep (short for 'brand representative) is someone who represents a brand (@snapezcloth) on Instagram. A brand or store will choose a Rep based on the style of photography and the look they want to promote, so basically the decision depends on your Instagram feed and level of activity.” -Yahoo Answers What are we looking for? Our target market is the disabled community, specifically those with incontinence type needs. We have gotten to know our customer base quite well and know that our customers h

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