Not ready for diapers, try our Reusable Pads!

We have seen a recent increase in sales of our Reusable Pads and wanted to share a personal review of them from one of our long time customers: "The reusable pads are a great alternative to disposable bladder control pads. They are soft, comfortable, absorb quickly, and stay dry on the surface. It is also nice to not have adhesive residue left on my underwear after changing, something this is a problem with most of the disposable pads I've tried. While I wear Snap-EZ diapers most of the time, I wear underwear with Snap-EZ reusable pads when I have ready and immediate access to a restroom so I can use timed toileting for managing my incontinence. (It allows me to be out of diapers for a while

Meet Snap-EZ Rep- Levi

I introduced you to the first of our two Instagram Reps a little over a week ago. Today, I wanted to take a quick minute to share the story of our second rep, Levi. Levi was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy shortly after birth. "I have always struggled with staying dry throughout my entire life. My disability causes my bladder to be spastic which gives me urge incontinence then add to that the fact it takes me longer to do things like go to the bathroom this is a recipe for an accident waiting to happen As a child diapers were not an option, but as an adult, I have decided to take back control of my life. My journey starts out were most of us have been. I reached out to my medical provide

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