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Hemp Inserts Testimonials 

Tara - Youth Super Absorbent Hemp Inserts

These are super absorbent. I had been stuffing my sons overnight pockets with flat diapers (2-3 pad folded together) talk about bulk! I decided to order one of these to try and my son loved them (he is 9 and struggles with bedwetting) he asked if I could please order enough for all his pockets so he could use them all the time. I did and we have a great system for him, we are all very happy with these inserts!

J.C. Adult Super Absorbent Hemp Insert

Me and this insert got off to a rocky start, It seemed kind of expensive but I read how they were an integral part of the pocket diaper system and are universally beloved, so I tried one, I knew it'd be flat and thin at first, and they required 20+ minutes of separate boiling to remove oil, then more washing... and a couple more wash/dry cycles for good measure, It still didn't look too fluffy so when I tried it in a low rise pocket diaper after folding it lengthwise it was an easy fit... and it leaked. I almost threw it away, then I thought better and cycled it with other laundry to avoid the dreaded oil contamination I feared would mess up the other diapers. Gradually I noticed it had grown more substantial in texture and have now cycled it in with good result. I'm learning to trust it and appreciate the absorbency to thin-ness ratio. I guess I need more...

Gary - Adult Hemp Super Absorbent Inserts

I want to thank you all for making such excellent products.  I have been using your Snap-EZ Adult Hemp Super Absorbent Inserts made from two Layers of Hemp/Cotton Fleece.  They are so absorbent that I can use two for all night.  It is important to follow the instructions for washing and prepping them when they arrive.  I have used them in both the Snap-EZ Adult Stuffable Briefs and in the Snap-EZ Adult Regular Rise Pocket Diaper.  At first I was not sure that two would be absorbent enough for all night, but I have not had any leaks at night using this combination.  Thanks  again for all you do to make our lives better!

James - Adult Super Absorbent Hemp Insert

Hello, I bought 6 of the Snap-EZ hemp/cotton folding insert for the two pocket diapers I ordered a year ago and even though they've been washed every day they still seem like new. I have bought stuffers in the past and they were falling apart by the end of a year. The inserts that are sold by Snap-EZ have gone beyond my expectations and I am looking forward to them lasting me a while.

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