Wet Bag and Pail Liner Testimonials 

Robert C.

Great for so much more than diapers

No way would I want to be caught without a wet bag or two, not only are they good for carrying wet diapers/clothes, but lots more usage. I have used them to carry gym clothes after usage, as beach bags, to carry toiletries while traveling. They saved many a hunting trips to carry extra dry socks also.

James - Wet Bag

Exceeds my expectations

Along with my order of two pocket diapers and six of the Snap-EZ hemp/cotton folding insert, I also ordered one of the Snap-EZ wet bag for when I'm not at home. The wet bag is large enough so that I can fit both of the pocket diapers with 3 inserts each into the bag and still make an air tight seal. I would recommend any of the products that I have bought from Snap-EZ to anyone because they have managed to go above and beyond anything I could have expected.

Tara - Pail Liner

My favroite pail liner!

I purchased two of your large wet bags and They are by far my favorites! I use it in combination with my "maximum capacity diaper pail" and it fits in there perfectly as a pail liner. This combination has been a great fit for us, no more smelly diaper pail and when I am ready to wash I just take the wet bag out, dump it all in the wash and put a new wet bag in the diaper pail. I have also used these wet bags as out and about dirty diaper bags and they are my favorites, they don't leak through like my other ones do and they snap closed nicely. Thanks for your great products!

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