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Stuffable Brief Testimonials

Levi- CUSTOM Adult Stuffable Brief

Customized Snap Placement for unique Special Needs

Even though I use a wheelchair I am still an active individual. This is why I needed something that was low profile to easily hide under clothes if needed, customizable absorbency for a variety of situations, and essay to put on and take off.


All these needs were easily met with the Stuffable Brief. I reached out to a Snap-EZ and explained that the current way the snaps were laid out made it difficult to snap the brief on if I was in a sitting position. Even though they do not normally do customization they were willing to give it a try to see if it made using cloth easier for me. There are times when I just need some light protections and I only add in one or two inserts to use during the day. This also keeps the cloth diaper low profile under my clothes. If you are looking for something to use during the day I suggest you give these a try.

Mary - Child Stuffable Brief

We began using Snap-EZ Stuffable Training Pants over a year ago for our two children to use overnight with various types of inserts (from bamboo to zorb).  We wash them very 
frequently since we only ordered two per child and they look as good as they did when we first bought them.  These training pants are tough!  We like the two rows of snaps
on the side, which allow the training pants to fit more snugly if  necessary to prevent leaks.  Having snaps on the sides also makes taking them off the children so much easier.
  To save on energy we line dry the training pants and they dry quickly because of their construction and fabric.  
All in all, these are the best stuffable training pants we've tried, and we've ordered different types from different vendors in the past.   But when we need more, we'll be ordering from Snap-EZ.

Thanks for making a superb product. 

Jessica - Youth Stuffable Brief

I have a son with mild cerebral palsy that has incontinence issues. We were so thrilled to find your site and start using the stuffable youth briefs. He had previously been wearing disposable nighttime pull ups and he was embarrassed about them. The briefs gave him the protection he needed but looked more like regular underwear which made him happy.

Stacy - Youth Stuffable Brief

I have used these with 2 of my children and will be using them shortly with one more. Wish I had known about them for my first! I think I found you right at the end of training. My oldest is now 7 so I have owned the Snap-EZ stuffable briefs for about 5 yrs.  I have tried to do a modified form of Elimination Communication with each of my children. I offer the potty to them at every diaper change. As they got more mobile the stuffable briefs were perfect. Easy on/off while still containing accidents.  I love being able to stuff them with different inserts depending on the use. As they got better with using the potty we used them at night as well. Great, well made product that still looks great after so many washes and wears!


Thanks again for the great product. Good luck with the adoption. You are truly blessed to have been able to open your hearts to these beautiful children. 

Tara - Youth Stuffable Brief

My 9 year old son still has issues with bed-wetting, and these have been so good for us! Saved us countless bedding changes as well as helping our on not feel ashamed of his bed-wetting, its no big deal he just has special "bed pants" as we call them. We are so thankful for these, I would be sad if my only option was a chemical laden disposable product. Also my husband who had issues with bed-wetting when he was an older child said "wow those are nice, i wish that had had something like that when I was a child" Thank you snap-ez!

Gary - Adult Stuffable Brief

The new adult stuff able briefs are fantastic.  I have used them for several months now.  They are a great fit.  Not too high on the waist, but sufficient for daytime coverage.  They are very soft and the absorbency can be adjusted by how many soakers you add.  A great product with excellent customer service from Ruth and her friendly staff.

Being an active individual, I was looking for a reusable brief that was discreet.  I have found it in the new stuffable brief. I love the fit--easy to hide under clothing with the lower cut.  It is very functional with the versatility to vary the absorption with inserts. I also use it as extra protection over disposables.

The Snap E-Z brief is the best product to come on the market since sliced bread! I have to use briefs 24/7 and I was intrigued with the technology of your briefs and the pads that you insert into the briefs. I was skeptical as I had some leakage issues but once I had washed the briefs and inserts enough I was truly amazed as to how well they work. I have a heavy flow and these briefs took it all in without leaks, No Kidding! What a blessing to me as I work a full time job and need the protection and confidence that I will be OK throughout the day and/or if in need of a change that it is fast and E-Z. Thank you again for a superior product that really works and saves money in the long run, Kent!

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