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As this is a small company, you will receive prompt personal attention, not a prewritten reply. Ruth is a sweet lady and I look forward to purchasing from her again.


I HIGHlY RECOMMEND. Very easy to work with and quick shipment of a quality product.


The snap-ez lady knows kids like cool colors. 
Mom says that the Snap-EZ lady makes pocket diapers in bigger sizes. 
This is good. When I get bigger and older I can still wear my Snap-EZ. 
I'm glad I do not have to wear plastic diapers anymore. 
The Snap-EZ lady is very smart. She knows Snap-EZ Pocket Diapers make people happy. 
Being happy is a good thing. 


Ruth put her company's reputation on the line and scored a Grand Slam on the first hit! The best thing though is that because of Ruth, I've really found something that works much better! These are really high quality diapers from a wonderful Christian owned company. I can't praise this company's products enough.

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