Snap-EZ Company Testimonials

Ed K.

Beautiful designs and quality of sewing. Very comfortable and effective in keeping bedding and clothes dry. I can sleep soundly for hours and not worry. I even like how they look! What more could a person want?

Robert C.

Customer Service and color selection

The owner is a very wonderful, understanding, easy to talk to individual. She has the insight to understand the needs/feelings of others whom use diapers for various reasons. Her care and concern has taught her that persons of all ages need good quality diapers to help with day/night needs. Also she had the care to understand that any person may prefer/enjoy something more than the traditional solid white diapers. Lots of older children, teens, and adults, both male and female enjoy this ability to wear something they want to wear and choose. If you have to wear something to help with body function the person should be able to wear/use what they want to make them feel better.


Small Business = Personal Attention

As this is a small company, you will receive prompt personal attention, not a prewritten reply. The owner is a sweet lady and I look forward to purchasing from her again.


Quick Shipping!

I HIGHlY RECOMMEND. Very easy to work with and quick shipment of a quality product.


I've found what works!

Ruth put her company's reputation on the line and scored a Grand Slam on the first hit! The best thing though is that because of Ruth, I've really found something that works much better! These are really high quality diapers from a wonderful Christian owned company. I can't praise this company's products enough.

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