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All in One Diaper Testimonials 

Michael R.

Less bulky, more discreet, great for daytime use!

I've been extremely satisfied with the adult AIO Regular Rise Diapers. They are less bulky than the pocket diapers (which I also use), which makes them great for daytime wear in situations where more discretion is needed. While the AIO diapers will need to be changed more frequently than the pocket diapers stuffed with 2-3 hemp inserts, they are more discreet. Also, they are cooler on warm days, as they are not as thick. Yet, they will absorb a heavy accident with no problem. Absorption is fast and the microfleece keeps me feeling dry. I find them easier to change than taped disposable diapers. Also, the colors and prints look great. Another great product from Snap-EZ!

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