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Mike- Pocket Diapers, Snap Extenders, and Wet Bags

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I've been using Snap-EZ adult pocket diapers (XL regular rise with extenders) for nearly six years due to urge urinary incontinence. They are the best cloth diapers I've used. They're super absorbent and comfortable. My accidents are sudden/unpredictable very heavy (floods) and I have never experienced a leak, even with the heaviest accidents. The microfleece does a great job of wicking the wetness into the insert, and my skin stays dry even if the insert becomes very wet. Laundry is easy, and the diapers never hold odors or stains. They come out of the washer clean, fresh, soft, and odor free. I have 15 diapers, some of them nearly 5 years old. The PUL is still in great shape, all snaps still work, and there are no tears. I really like the choice of colors, as it takes away the "clinical" feel of having to wear incontinence diapers. Changes are easy and quick, the fit is always consistent and comfortable (better than dealing with "imprecise" tapes on disposable diapers).


The Snap-EZ Wet Bags work great for keeping wet and soiled diapers until it's time to do laundry, or when it's necessary to change while "out and about." It has been a pleasure doing business with Snap-EZ as well. Excellent customer service, fair prices, and fast shipping. This is a great Pacific Northwest company that makes its products here in the USA. I highly recommend Snap-EZ to anyone who needs to purchase cloth diapers. Snap-EZ takes the drudgery out of wearing adult diapers.

Stacy- Multi Size Pocket Diaper

We have 2 Multi-Size Baby Pocket Diapers that I've used on two kids. My son was super skinny everywhere and most one size pockets just didn't fit him well.  They were bulky and gaped, leaving us with lots of leaks and messes.The Snap-EZ on the other hand fit perfectly!  My current babe is the opposite and has chunky thighs(but a skinny waist). They still fit the best out of many other bigger brands!  After use on two kids my pockets still look and function great. I highly recommend Snap-EZ to everyone.  Thanks for such a wonderful product you guys!

Carly - Youth Pocket Diapers

I recently bought a pocket diaper, size youth medium for my daughter. She is severely disabled and we have always used disposable diapers for her. Lately I haven't been happy with the fit of the diapers our insurance company has been providing for us. So, I started looking for something different. Your diaper fits the bill perfectly! After a few washes in hot water, it fits her beautifully and is much more comfortable than the disposables. I stuffed it with a couple of regular tri-fold cloth diapers I had on hand and it worked great! No leaking at all! We will be ordering more as we can. Thank you for making a quality product!

Adult Pocket Diaper

I ordered some diapers off you about 2 months ago now and received them about one month ago. Since then they have been in use most days and are the best diaper I have ever found for an adult with incontinence as I can stuff them to the degree of absorbance I need day or night.

Brian - Adult Pocket Diaper

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I've recently purchased several of your adult aio diapers and one of your new pocket diapers.
I want to thank you. These are the best diapers I've ever worn in my life. 
I've been incontenent for over ten years now and these diapers are a godsend.
I don't worry about leaks at all anymore and they're not bulky like other reuseable diapers.
Thanks again for your wonderful product.

J.T. - Youth Pocket Diapers

My son heard about your product review contest and wanted to enter. He dictated the following letter to me - these are his word....  


My name is J.T., well not really.  These are my initials because my mom says that I can't give my name out on the internet.  I am 9 years old and I have Autism. I am telling you this to explain why I use Snap-EZ.  I use Sap-EZ because I wet my bed at night. I use Snap-EZ because I sometimes forget I need to use the bathroom during the day.  Before mom got me Snap-EZ I would leak and get my pants wet.  This is not fun. Now I wear Snap-EZ and I am happy. I want to write words for other people to read so they will know why I like the Snap-EZ 4 Life Pocket Diaper. I like the way it feels when I wear it.  It is very soft inside. I can make it fit tight or I can make it fit loose - It has lots of snaps! My mom can stuff the pocket a little or a lot. I wear my Snap-EZ Pocket Diaper all night and I am dry in the morning and so is my sheets. 
This is a good thing. My favorite thing about Snap-EZ Pocket Diapers is that it comes in very cool colors.  My [disposable] plastic diapers were a light green and they crinkled when I walked.  My Snap-EZ Pocket Diapers are quiet.  They have red outside and white inside and mom says that maybe we can buy one in melon orange - my favorite color.  The Snap-EZ lady knows kids like cool colors.  Mom says that the Snap-EZ lady makes pocket diapers in bigger sizes. This is good. When I get bigger and older I can still wear my Snap-EZ.  I'm glad I do not have to wear plastic diapers anymore. The Snap-EZ lady is very smart. She knows Snap-EZ Pocket Diapers make people happy. Being happy is a good thing. 

J.T. - these are my initials because I can't tell you my real name on the internet.

Susana - Adult Pocket Diaper

I want to thank you for the work that you and your company do.  Please allow me to share my story.
I want to thank you for the stuffable diaper I ordered for my 80 year old grandmother. 

She has been bedridden for a while, but recently her arthritis pain has moved all over her body.   Because of other health conditions, she is not able to take pain medication that can help her; it is so painful she cannot pick up a teaspoon, 
and would rather not move once she has settled into a postion in bed.

She lives in her home, cared for by one of her daughters.  At night, she started using disposable diapers, mainly so she wouldn't have to get up from her bed.  She does not have incontinence problems, so this was difficult for her to accept.  The disposables made her uncomfortable and stayed damp against her skin, and she would end up having to have about 3 changes during the night.  Being unsettled from her bed was very painful for her; and waking frequently was taking a toll on my aunt who has to work during the day as well.

Well, grandma started using her Snap-EZ 4 Life stuffable diaper this week, and it holds her dry all night.  Thank you for saving her from the excruciating pain and giving her and my aunt a full night's rest.  She was so happy and animated when she told me over the phone, it brought tears to my eyes - and I thought you should know that your work and your products have made a very positive difference her quality of life.

Judith - Adult Low Rise Pocket Diaper

I just wanted to tell you that the third order was a charm! We finally got Ruth, my 93 year old mother-in-law, settled into the the low rise pocket diapers and they fit perfectly!.

Ruth is really amazed with them and says she didn't even know she was wet till she checked!  She has given the website to her urologist who, when changing her catheter tube, wanted to be able to recommend your product to other patients.

Again thank you for helping us get the right size.  The product and service has been exceptional.

Moriah - Adult Pocket Diapers

Just wanted to let you know that we have really used the pocket diapers for my great aunt. They are the only things that could contain her incontinence at night.  

We started out with the disposable depends they provide through hospice. They couldn't hold the discharge, so we went to the trusty pocket diapers.   They are working like a dream!!!  
They are soft and comfortable on her.  The other diapers just disintegrated trying to get them under a pretty much bed ridden woman in the final days of life.  It helps a couple are pink!!!  They cleaned up beautifully with oxyclean and tide.Thanks and blessings for what you do.

from "A Thankful Heart" - Adult Pocket Diapers

My wife, two sons and I just got back from a 4 day vacation where we stayed in the home of my wife's sister and her husband. I want to share with you how your diapers made such a difference. First of all, there were many other family members there, and none of them know, to my knowledge, that I need to wear diapers. And that is the way I want it ! I really have been affected with some loss of confidence, and shame over this. I try not to but it is still there, anyway due to a mistake made I did not recieve a shipment of the disposable diapers that I wear. The only ones we could get were a cheap, uncomfortable brand that I had no assurance with. On the drive up to their house ( 400+ miles) I had a leak, which I told no one about. But I felt terribly low and sad. How could I still go thru with this vacation?!! We got there after about 2 hrs after I leaked thru. I got in their house and managed to get to our appointed sleeping quarters, ithout incident. I shared with my wife I wanted to just go home. I havent felt that bad or low in along time. I felt so sad and undignified. And now I had taken away my dear wife's focus on enjoyment by my own condition. I believe in being up-beat and cheery in spirit, and I believe it is a positive witness. But I was so sad I could have cried, of course it would not have helped. I felt trapped. If we left, my sons would not get to swim, boat, tube, or any other activities they so looked forward to. Sometimes life can put you in a place of weakness, of powerlessness. Now to Snap-EZ, I had 3 Snap-EZ Pocket Diapers my wife had packed in my suitcase just in case. No leaks, no sheets to wash and explain, nothing! Your fine products made my trip better. I haven't gotten in the water to swim much over the past 3 yrs, but I got the idea that I could wear a Snap-EZ Pocket Diaper under a swimtruck without an insert. It worked great. It was so trim I even eventually tenativelty tried getting pulled on a tube behind a boat! I couldn't believe it, I I had a red cherry color Snap-EZ and my trunks were red, so if the water moved my swim trunks enough to reveal the top of the Snap-EZ diaper, I just pulled the trunks back up, WOW - I WAS TUBING! IT WAS WORKING! I had a blast! Thank you, thank you, so much from the bottom of my heart, I thank you. Your product, your diapers, make me feel better. I would never have been able to do what I did, or enjoy this last visit if I had been wearing old fashion cloth diapers and plastic pants. I love my Snap-EZ diapers!

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