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How to Measure

How to Measure Snap-EZ Cloth Diapers
Three things to measure when finding the right size/fit:
1. The Waist/ Hip
Baby, Toddler & Youth Sizes - Measure around the hip  2 - 3 inches below the belly button
Adult Low Rise - Measure around the hip at the level of 3 - 4 inches below the belly button

Adult Regular Rise - Measure around the waist at the level of 1 inch below the belly button

2. The thigh

All Sizes - Measure starting at the top of the leg at the hip - where the leg bends, 
then around through the crotch and back up to the top of the thigh.

3. The rise

All Sizes - Measure starting from same level as waist measurement, down through the crotch
and up to the same level in the back.

(I recommend measuring the rise over a stuffed diaper or light clothing).

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