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About Snap-EZ

Our Mission Statement

Snap-EZ ® Inc is founded on the principle of combining high quality products and friendly customer service!


As a Stay-At-Home, homeschooling mother to my 4 children (ranging from a 5-12 years old) I want our company to be known for its high quality and great customer service, while still meeting the needs of my family.

I, Stephanie, took ownership of Snap-EZ in March of 2017.  After spending a total of nearly 3 years as a seamstress and then the "shipping girl" the opportunity presented itself to move forward as the owner.  It is still very much a family run business and we are excited to see it grow as we reach out to the communities that needs our products most!


Our Story

Snap-EZ ® is the result of "necessity is the mother of invention." Below is the story, as told by Ruth, the founder and original owner of Snap-EZ ®:


 I needed to reduce our cost of living and that meant going back to "the drudgery of cloth diapers". UGH! But there was a surprise in store for me. The cloth diapers of today are nothing like the cloth diapers of even 15 years ago.

Hi! This is me, Ruth!  In the summer of 2004, I was introduced to the new "PUL Pockets"  by a dear friend and I was hooked.  With these converting from disposable to cloth came with ease!  The only problem was that I could not afford to buy enough (even 2 was more than I could afford!). So, I began making them.  They turned out so well that I decided that I could go beyond saving money by doing cloth diapers, to making money by manufacturing and selling them!  And presto! Another SAHM magically became a WAHM!  And you are the beneficiary!

There were many life experiences that set the stage for Snap-EZ ®.  Things like 30+ years of diapering my 13 children, 6 years as a professional seamstress and 6 years as a business owner are the experiences that stand behind my business & products! We are doing our best to help more people transition from disposables to cloth, making products that are not available in today's market!


We offer high quality products, handmade in the USA that will stand the test of time. After 12 years in business we have found our niche in larger sizes. While it is easy to find cloth diapers for babies, we are hearing more and more how hard it is to find larger sizes.   We are now producing products that meet the needs of toddlers, children/youth and adults.

What makes our products different?

They are all handmade (no mass production).  We strive to create innovative designs to make using cloth a way of life for more people.  We only use the highest quality goods to produce our products. You can't make a quality product if you use inferior materials! With the exception of our snaps, hemp fleece and elastic, all our materials are made in the USA!

How our Snap-EZ ™ products are made?

At this time Snap-EZ ® products are handmade by 2 WAHMs (Work-At-Home-Moms).

By personally training the seamstresses, we are able to maintain a high standard of product manufacturing so you can rely on us to give you the quality product  you have come to expect from Snap-EZ ® Inc.

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