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Snap-EZ  Pocket Diapers

How A Pocket Diaper Works

Pocket diapers have an opening at the back where you stuff an insert or pre-fold.

Snap-EZ pocket diapers are made with an outer layer of knit PUL (waterproof layer), and an inner layer of knit polyester microfleece.   The microfleece wicks the moisture away from the skin and into the soaker/insert/pre-fold so wetness is not felt and reduces the incidence of rashes. It also makes clean up easier as solids do not stick to microfleece like it does to diaper flannel and other cottons.

We use latex free swimwear elastic in these diapers as it is so gentle on the skin,  holds up to years of usage, and is great for those with latex allergies. 

Pocket Diapers range in size from Multi-Size Toddler (adjustable rise) up to Adult XL. There are 2 - 4  rows of plastic snaps depending on the size of the diaper.  This allows for adjusting the fit of the leg, hip and waist separately.


The adult sizes are available in two styles - Regular Rise and Low Rise.

We recommend Regular Rise for overnight or heavy daytime wetness, and the Low Rise style for daytime use - these fit more like underwear and are very good at concealing themselves!


Snap--EZ Pocket Diapers have a pocket opening in the back, with elastic on all sides. An absorbent pad/insert/soaker/prefold (we recommend our Hemp/Cotton Fleece Inserts)is inserted inside the diaper, through the pocket opening. 

The wetness is wicked though the inner microfleece and into the soaker/insert inside, leaving the wearer feeling dry.

After wearing, simply remove the insert, wash, dry and use again.