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These are made from two layers of a Hemp/Bamboo Fleece Blend.


These are trim, super absorbent, and great for heavy wetness. These are designed to fold in half or in thirds the long way and then get inserted into the pocket diaper/stuffable briefs. Doing this gives 4 - 6 absorbent layers when in the diaper, but only 2 when washing and drying!

These are about half the thickness of a prefold, yet they hold nearly double the amount of liquid!


^ Infant and baby sizes now available!  Scroll to the bottom of the drop down size box. 

*I tested this by folding up a dripping wet prefold, and a dripping wet Hemp/Cotton insert and then applied equal force to compress them down onto the hard surface they were on. The prefold released most of the liquid it had absorbed, while the hemp/cotton insert only released a small portion of the liquid! When I tested these compared to prefolds, they far outperformed cotton only soakers and prefolds.To read what customers are saying about these, visit our Testimonials Page.

Snap-EZ ® Hemp/Bamboo Inserts

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  • Size Range

    These have been pre-washed/pre-shrunk, however some minor shrinkage may still occur. These are the approximate finished mesaurements.


    Child Size

    Multi-Size Toddler Pocket Diapers
    Medium and Large Training Pants

    16 X 14

    Youth Small and Youth Medium Pocket Diapers

    Youth Small and Youth Medium Training Pants

    19 X 14
    Adult Low Rise
    Adult Low Rise Pocket Diapers
    All Adult Size Stuffable Briefs
    20 X 11
    Adult Regular
    Low Rise Large and Extra Large Pocket Diapers
    Large and Extra Large Adult Size Stuffable Briefs
    All Regular Rise Pocket Diapers
    26 X 14
    Adult Super
    All Regular Rise Pocket Diapers
    29 X 14
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    All inserts are made to order, so please allow an extra 2-7 days for your order to ship out. 

  • Return Policy

    If my products have a manufacturing defect you may return it for repair,
    a full refund, or a replacement (at the discretion of Snap-EZ ® Inc.)
    Snap-EZ ® will pay for the shipping in this case.
    This extends to the original purchase only.

    For our full refund/replacement policy, please visit our FAQ page.

  • Washing Instructions

    These come pre-washed, but we reccomend a single hot wash to remove any residual oil (found naturally in hemp) and because these get handled a bit before shipping. 

    For full washing and Care instructions, please visit our

    Washing Instructions page.