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Our Stuffable Briefs are made with wide fold over elastic around the waist and leg holes. This makes them fit more like underwear and also allows the user to more easily pull the brief up and down as needed.  The briefs have a pocket at the back to add an insert(s) to reach the appropriate absorbency for your need. 


** We are often asked what the difference is between the Pocket Diapers and the Stuffable Briefs. The main difference is that the Breifs are lower cut and easier to pull up and down because of the wide elastic at the waist and legs. 


These briefs feature an outer layer of "PUL" (waterproof laminated polyester knit fabric), and an inner layer of polyester microfleece that wicks the moisture away from the skin and into the soaker/insert/prefold so the skin feels dry. Both materials are stretchy,  giving the product stretch for a better fit.


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Snap-EZ ® Adult Stuffable Briefs

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  • Size Range

    Snap-EZ Stuffable Briefs were designed to function like underwear, while providing more options for absorbency and the security of protecting against leaks.

    Check out our "How to Measure" Page to ensure proper measurements. (visit Size Charts - for size charts on all our products)

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    **If you need a size larger than an Extra Large, Please check out of Snap-EZ Extenders.  These can add several sizes!  You'll find them in the previous menu.

    Use this size chart to determine the best size to order:



    Size Hip Thigh Rise
    Youth Medium 21 - 28 14 - 19 22
    -Adult Small Stuffable Briefs 22 - 30 17 - 20 22
    Adult Medium Stuffable Briefs 26 - 36 18 - 23 23
    Adult Large Stuffable Briefs 28 - 42 20 - 25 24
    Adult Extra Large Stuffable Briefs 30 - 45 22 - 27 25


  • Return Policy

    If my products have a manufacturing defect you may return it for repair,
    a full refund, or a replacement (at the discretion of Snap-EZ ® Inc.)
    Snap-EZ ® will pay for the shipping in this case.
    This extends to the original purchase only.

    For our full refund/replacement policy, please visit our FAQ page.

  • Washing Instructions

    Prewash in hot twice before using, add 1 tsp dishwashing detergent to first cycle to remove any sizing (a waxy substance left from manufacturing which causes wetness to repel away from microfleece).

    Wash in Hot, Dry on High.

    Wash Hemp Inserts separately for first 4 wash cycles.

    For full washing and Care instructions, please visit our

    Washing Instructions page.