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Only one 2-Snap Extender left! 


Snap Extenders are great for making a product 1 - 2 sizes larger!


2-Snap and 3-Snap Extenders will add 2-8" to the waist/thigh. 

4-Snap Extenders will add 4-12" to the waist/thigh. 

Not sure what size to order? Here is a list of which size goes with which product.

Snap-EZ ® Pocket Diapers:

2- Snap Extenders: Multi-size Toddler, Youth Small, and Youth Medium

3-Snap Extenders: Low Rise Medium, Low Rise Large, Low Rise Extra Large, Regular Rise Small, and

                                       Regular Rise Medium

4- Snap Extenders: Regular Rise Large, Regular Rise Extra Large, and Regular Rise XXL

Snap-EZ ® Stuffable Briefs and All-in-One (AIO) Briefs/ Training Pants
3-Snap Extenders: these work on ALL briefs/Training Pants

**These do not increase the rise of the product, only the waist and the thigh.

Snap-EZ ® Snap Extenders

SKU: 0008
PriceFrom $2.00

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  • Return Policy

    If my products have a manufacturing defect you may return it for repair,
    a full refund, or a replacement (at the discretion of Snap-EZ ® Inc.)
    Snap-EZ ® will pay for the shipping in this case.
    This extends to the original purchase only.

    For our full refund/replacement policy, please visit our FAQ page, found under the Product Information Tab at the top of the page.

  • Washing Instructions

    Wash in Hot, Dry on High (no prewashing needed).

    Wash Hemp Inserts separately for first 4 wash cycles.

    For full washing and Care instructions, please visit our Washing Instructions page, found under the "Products Information" tab at the top of this page.

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