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New Beginnings, Fresh Starts...

As we begin a new year, Snap-EZ is beginning a new everything! We have moved to a new host, which gives us a new shopping cart, new email creator, a new blog and so much more!

If you are like me, in general you dislike change. Keeping things the way they are is familiar, simple, and seemingly easy. But sometimes, change is good. Sometimes the process to change is painful, but in the end it creates peace and actually make the day to day easier. I believe this will be true of these changes! I've spent over 60 hours working on this new website, so I, for one, am certainly hoping that this will be the case! So far, I like what I am seeing, with a few exceptions, but I won't bother you with the details!

So, what's the big news?

Obviously...the New Website Format

Please take some time to look around and see what's new and how things work now. I believe you will really like the simplicity and some of the new bonuses, like seeing if a particular product/color is out of stock at a glance! Boy, I know most of you will really like that feature!

To be honest, I think my brain just quit...I know there's more that is really awesome, but I'm drawing a'll just have to go check it out and see for yourself!

While your at it, please take a minute and comment below what you like about our new format! And, especially, if you see any errors, please use the "Contact" form to send me a note so I can fix it right away!

A Game to Kick Start Things!

The Butterfly Game!

Start on the home page, scroll down below my awesome slide show, and you'll find the instructions and the first riddle. Solve the riddles to find the next butterfly. When you find the last butterfly, click on it and you'll find your prize! Have fun!!

Overstock Price Reductions

With this new format, I can reduce the price on particular colors choices for a product. There were a few places where we ended up with an overstock, so this is a great way for me to reduce the overstock and for you to get a great deal!

Here is a list of the items that are discounted:

Pocket Diapers:

Multi-Size Baby - $2 off Celery and Grape

Youth Medium - $2 off Butter Yellow and White

Low Rise Medium - $3 off Butter Yellow, Bluebell and Celery

Low Rise Extra Large - $3 off Grape, Ice Blue, Seaspray and White

Regular Rise Small - $3 off Celery

Regular Rise Medium - $3 off Ice Blue and Lemon Yellow

Regular Rise Extra Large - $4 off Ice Blue

Stuffable Briefs:

Child Medium - $2 off Celery

Child Large - $2 off Celery

Adult Large - $3 orr Berry Pink and Butter Yellow

Adult Extra Large - $3 off Butter Yellow, Celery and Seaspray

AIO Training Pants:

Child Medium - $2 off Ice Blue

Feminine Pads:

Small - $1.50 off Cotton Candy Pink

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