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Do You Want To Play a Game?

Our Butterfly game is attracting attention! Many customer have found and used their prize already!

Have You Played the Butterfly Game yet? If so, Thanks for participation and I hope you love your prize!

If not - Go play it now!

Just scroll down below my super cool slide show and you'll find the directions for the game there!

I've added some new photos here and there. I have brought back what I call the "color tower", the image of all our fabric colors with the names on each color. I hope that is helpful! I have also photographed my two special needs daughters in the youth sizes pocket diaper and your Stuffable Briefs/AIO Training Pants!

So far I am loving this new website format, especially how easy it is to communicate with customers who use our new Contact Us Form! Now I get notified on my phone if someone asks me a question, so my response time is so much faster!

Today I added the following new stock:

Regular Rise Medium Pocket Diapers in Berry Pink, Grape and Seaspray

Regular Rise Large Pocket Diapers in Grape

Regular Rise Extra Large Pocket Diapers in Berry Pink

And lastly, I just uploaded a special video of Christy learning to walk on our Facebook Page!! As many of you know, we adopted Christy from Bulgaria 2 1/2 years ago (I know, where does the time go???). She has Down Sydrome and suffered a stroke around the time of her open heart surgery when she was 18 months and still in Bulgaria. This has caused right sided weaskness. She has a G-Tube for her water (as you can see in the diaper photo above), but she eats solid foods just fine! She has been growing and learning and working hard to learn to walk! Go Check It Out!

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