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On my first post on this blog, and in my last newsletter, I posted about something that I can do in our new shopping cart that I've never been able to do before easily....there was a lot of things going on in that first blog post, so I wanted to highlight this and make sure you didn't miss out on these savings! When the inventory returns to normal levels in these sizes/colors, the price discount will simply disappear! I've updated any that have disappeared now as well (if I list how many are left, there are actually four more than the number there that you can order at that price, but once it drops below 4, I will try to remove the discount).

Here's my original info:

Overstock Price Reductions

With this new format, I can reduce the price on particular colors choices for a product. There were a few places where we ended up with an overstock, so this is a great way for me to reduce the overstock and for you to get a great deal!

Here is a list of the items that are discounted:

Pocket Diapers:

Multi-Size Baby - $2 off Celery (6 left) and Grape (4 left)

Youth Medium - $2 off Butter Yellow (3 left) and White (gone)

Low Rise Medium - $3 off Butter Yellow, Bluebell and Celery

Low Rise Extra Large - $3 off Grape, Ice Blue, Seaspray and White

Regular Rise Small - $3 off Celery

Regular Rise Medium - $3 off Ice Blue (4 left) and Lemon Yellow (1 left)

Regular Rise Extra Large - $4 off Ice Blue (1 left)

Stuffable Briefs:

Child Medium - $2 off Celery (3 left)

Child Large - $2 off Celery (1 left)

Adult Large - $3 orr Berry Pink (2 left) and Butter Yellow (2 left)

Adult Extra Large - $3 off Butter Yellow (3 left), Celery and Seaspray (1 left)

AIO Training Pants:

Child Medium - $2 off Ice Blue(gone)

Feminine Pads:

Small - $1.50 off Cotton Candy Pink (3 left)

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