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Almost there!

Are we there yet, are we there, are we there yet...

YES! 🎉 We are ALMOST there!! 

You all continue to amaze us! 💕We started our huge 40% off sale with a personal sales goal in mind (about 20% of our total sales last year) on Feb 15 and in less than a month we have hit 85% of that goal!! 

We will be stocking a few more items this next week and we just got in a shipment of hemp for our inserts. Once we hit 💯% the sale don't miss out!

*I would love to share a picture, but my computer crashed on me and all I have right now is my phone...and sketchy internet service (read: satellite 😳) so uploading photos is nearly impossible.  Thanks for reading! 

(Coupon code: Winter40)

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