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The BIG Reveal!

We have strung you along for long enough. After six weeks of sales, e-mails, and vague Facebook posts TODAY is the day.

Snap-EZ has a NEW OWNER!

Meet Stephanie. Many of you have already met her, in a virtual way. Stephanie has been a seamstress for me twice. The first time was over 8 years ago (2009). She started out sewing training pants and began to work on other items for us as the need arose. She left to pursue another business venture, which she later sold so she could stay home with her 4 kids.

Owner- Stephanie M.

God works in creative ways, and while still pregnant with baby number four, Stephanie and her husband sold their house and bought a new one less than a mile down the road from me and the Snap-EZ shop.

Stephanie contacted me within a few months of moving to her new house and mentioned that she was available to begin working for Snap-EZ again and she started that summer, 2015.

She began working as a seamstress and over the next 2 years became the "Shipping Girl", where she managed our e-mail and shipping needs.

As I began to face health challenges, she was able to help in more ways and was truly a God Sent Gift in a time of need. And she came up with all these great ideas of ways to promote our company, the most notable was the switch to the new website! That was all her idea (but lots of blood, sweat, *and maybe a little swearing* and tears, literally, on my part).

While preparing for yearly taxes this year, I realized my heart has not been in running Snap-EZ for a long time. I was actually getting to the point of disliking to work at all. Then I realized that I could actually just sell off inventory and walk away....but just after that thought, I thought, Hey - What about Stephanie?

Long story short...I shocked her by asking her if she might consider buying Snap-EZ! After much prayer and discussion, she and her husband agreed last month to purchase my business!

As of March 15, Stephanie and her husband own Snap-EZ! Over the next year (or so) I will be working with them to teach them all I know, as the need arises. She already know a lot, but there's a lot to learn too!

So, give Stephanie a warm welcome, and thank you to all my loyal customers who have shown me so much love, patience and understanding through the years, and I hope that you will enjoy working with Stephanie!

God Bless,


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