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Snap EZ 4 keeps going, and going, and going...

Snap-EZ Adult Small Cloth Diaper

We recently received an e-mail from a customer asking if she could return a diaper for some snap repairs. This happens, over time snaps crack, and they need to be repairs. And yes, you can always return a product to us and we will replace the snaps for you, free of charge.

Well, when we received this in the mail we were more than surprised! This diaper was made about 6 years ago and still going strong!

I took the opportunity to ask the owner a few questions about her experience with Snap-EZ diapers and this is what she had to say.

Q: How many Snap-EZ diapers did you purchase?

A: We had a total of 12. 6 Youth size and 6 Adult size.

Q: When did you purchase them.

A: 5-6 years ago (it's been long enough, that I don't remember the exact time).

Q: How many diapers were you using per day, when cloth diapering and using Snap-EZ diapers?

A: Sometime I used all 12 in a day, on average I used at least 8 per day.

Snap-EZ Adult Pocket diaper with new snap

Q: How frequently have these diapers been used over the last 5-6 years.

A: I used them for a couple of years and passed them on to a friend. The diaper in the photos has been used at least weekly for all 5-6 years.

Q: Have you ever had an issue with your Adult Snap-EZ cloth diapers?

A: The only issue I had with the 6 adult diapers were the 2 broken snaps on this one diaper.

Q: What is your favorite thing about your Snap-EZ experience?

A: The fact that the 6 diapers lasted this long with only 1 broken snap is definitely my favorite thing about Snap EZ.

*This diaper was made so long ago that we did not have the same color snaps to replace the broken ones. Thankfully we did have the gold caps, so the outside looks the same, but we had to use a green on the inside. :)

Snap-EZ 4 Life Pocket Diaper

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