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Bang, Boom, Pow! Prints are Back!

Prints return to Snap-EZ cloth diapers

We are so excited to announce that after many years of solid colors, we are reintroducing prints to our entire line of cloth diapers and diapering accessories!

We launched a pre-order sale this week and the response has been amazing! Now thru Sunday, April 2 you can pre-order any product from our website in one of 4 prints. See all four prints below.

All pre-orders placed before Sunday April 2 at 11:59 pm will automatically receive 20% off. Pre-orders will begin to ship the week of April 24th.

If you are as excited about the prints as we are, let us know! We want to hear what you think. There are SO many fun prints available, and it was incredibly hard to narrow it down to just 4, so if you don't see a must have today rest assured that there will be more in the future! Leave a comment below and let us know what types of prints you would like to see.

Happy Shopping!

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