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Meet the Owner!

It's been almost about 3 weeks since our big announcement. I have spent those 3 weeks learning so much about how to run things behind the scenes that I am just now finding time to come back and really introduce myself to you.

One of my goals for this first year of business as the owner is to blog more consistently so you, are wonderful customers, can get to know both me and our company better. This blogging will likely be a mix of business and personal posts. Is that ok? I hope so.

This is me and my sweet family! My husband and I recently celebrated our 11 year wedding anniversary.

We have been blessed with 4 amazing kids.

Our oldest, M, recently turned 9. He loves Lego, video games, science and riding his bike. His current goal in life is to become an astronaut!

Next is our daughter, K, age 7.5. She is ALL GIRL. Loves pink, purple and all things sparkly. She is a crafter at heart and is waiting for the day that she gets to help in the shop with sewing, snapping and anything else her crafty hands can get on.

T, is 3 years old and our family funny man. He is always making us laugh and can rarely smile for a photo. He would much rather make a hundred different silly faces and then look at them all on my phone and laugh at himself.

Last, but certainly not least is I, our 2 year old. He came on the heels of his brother and they have become quick buddies. He is our wild man, he climbed before he could walk. He loves our dog, Buster, and the feeling is mutual. Buster will sleep on the floor by his bed until he wakes up in the morning and often will only let I climb all over him.

And, I'm Stephanie. Wife, mama, homeschooler, Sunday school teacher, seamstress and now Owner of Snap-EZ. I am so excited to be a part of this community, and hopefully get to know many of you!

I look forward to your questions and comments but here and through social media.

We are on Facebook and Instagram (@snapezcloth). I would love to see you share photos and reviews about the Snap-EZ products you love.

And, if you have read this far, I will let you know that there will be giveaways and other fun stuff coming up in the near future, so follow our blog, subscribe to our newsletter, or follow us on social media and stay connected with us!

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