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Why use Cloth Diapers? Part 1 of 3

I sat down to write this post almost 2 weeks ago, and I am finally sitting back down to work on it. After giving it some thought, I realized that there is A LOT to the topic of cloth diapering. So this is the first of a three part series I'll be working on this week.

When I tell people that I run a cloth diaper company, and follow up with the fact that most of our sales are for adult size products, the number one question I hear is: Why? The top three questions being:

-Why would an adult need cloth diapers?

Butter Yellow, Regular Rise Pocket Diaper with Snap Extender

-Why would someone use cloth diapers?

-And finally, why are they so expensive?

I'm going to take each one of those questions and hopefully answer them in a way that you makes you both understand and more aware of so many people around us.


Question #1: Why would an adult need cloth diapers?

First, let me help you understand our customers a little bit more. While about 80% of our products are in adult sizes, they are not always for adults. Did you know that the majority of cloth diaper companies only make diapers in average baby/toddler sizes. Once your child has reached the typical potty training age, they have most likely outgrown the standard cloth diapers that are available in the market today.

ADULT cloth diapers are NOT JUST for adults.

A quick google search tells me that 20% of 5 year olds and 10% of 7 year olds wet the bed at night. My oldest wet the bed semi-frequently until he was about 4.5, which would not normally be a big deal for diapering however I have an above average size boy (he's 5'1 and just turned 9). So if he had been a more consistent bed wetter, diapering him would have been a big challenge. We ended up just changing bedding every few weeks as accidents happened. I currently have a fully potty trained 3 year old that still wets the bed about 4-5 times a week. He's a solid kid that currently fits a youth medium, which is the large end of most cloth diapers out there.

I have recently met two mom's with young girls that will struggle with incontinence most of (or possibly all of) their life due to various special needs that they were born with. Both of these girls have outgrown what was available to them in the cloth diaper market. I also know an 8 year old little boy that almost didn't survive birth after being born very prematurely. Because of his early arrival he has some physical disabilities that require him to be in diapers full time. He currently wears disposable diapers, but when I showed his mom our new prints she was so excited for him to try them on! He is an ADULT small, and he is a petite 8 year old.

Which would you rather wear?

Another quick google search tells me that there are approximately 13 million adults who suffer from some form of urinary incontinence. Read that again, 13 MILLION people. There are various forms of incontinence, from the more "minor" urge incontinence that happens from coughing or sneezing to the more severe form that is completely uncontrollable.

I'll be honest with you, after having 4 kids- there are reasons I don't jump on the trampoline with them, and yes if I need to go to the bathroom and sneeze, it can be uncomfortable. Now, I have never considered it an issue for me- but I know that I have joking type conversations with my mom friends and I have heard multiple friends end a funny story with, "and I peed a little." It can be funny, but also embarrassing for those that really have no control over it.

So for those that have lifelong issues, cloth diapers are both more comfortable, more affordable, less noisy, and way cuter! I'll explain all this and a lot more when I answer the next question: why would someone use cloth diapers?

*You've heard my stories, now I would love to hear yours! If you are willing, will you share YOUR story with me? you can comment below, or e-mail it to me. I would love to share full length testimonials on this blog. When I see that there are 13 Million adults that struggle in this area, I know that at least one person can benefit from hearing your story!

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