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Things I've Learned after 3 months

It's been nearly 3 months since I took full ownership of this business, and as with any new adventure there was (and is!) much to learn.

First, I have learned that blogging is probably my biggest weakness. I have never enjoyed writing. I remember in high school, when asked to write a 5-7 page paper, mine was always about 4 and 3/4 pages with the largest allowable font. I always got passing grades, usually an A...but it really is one of my least favorite things and just the thought of sitting down and writing is a bit daunting for me.

Ironically, I have kept a prayer journal off and on since high school and I always look forward to sitting down in the morning and writing in there. It must be my audience, I need to find ways to connect to you and feel the need to write and share more often. :)

One of my most favorite things is the way I get to connect with you and help you find the exact products to meet your needs. So many of you have e-mailed me or contacted me though the Live Chat feature on our website (yep, that's me too!). I love getting to know each and every one of you. While most of my customers deal with the same general issues, each one really is so unique and each need is equally unique. And, while custom orders are not really that feasible at this time, some small changes can easily be accommodated. For example; extra snaps, sewing the pocket shut, color requests, and more.

And finally, I've learned which products sell well and which ones tend to sit in the drawer. Which in all honesty is what prompted this blog post! Our Regular Rise Extra Large Pocket Diapers and our Adult size Hemp Inserts are hands down our biggest sellers.

And our Multi-Size Infant and Multi-Size Baby Pocket Diapers are our slooooowest sellers. While we love to meet the needs ALL people and ALL sizes with our cloth diapers,these are a few products that just do not sell enough for us to keep it in stock. So we are closing them out! Don't worry, we are also going to add a "made to order" page in the future, so these will be available, just not in stock on a regular basis.

We currently have 2 drawers full of product that have been full since the day I moved them to my home. Realistically, I know that these sit here because there are SO many options out there when it comes to baby size cloth diapers. Our focus in marketing has been for those with special needs or adults with incontinence problems. So, starting today, until our drawers are empty they will be discounted! no coupon needed. I've also discounted the few pre-made inserts we have in stock.

So, while many of you are past the need for infant or baby size cloth diapers, maybe you know someone that is new to the world of cloth diapering. This is a great way for them to start with brand new products at rock bottom prices!

A note about our infant diapers. There are a set that were snapped with an extra row of rise snaps so we have discounted them even more! There is nothing wrong, but the extra row is pretty useless, because most babies are not that small. *You can see that extra row of snaps at the very bottom of this little guys diaper.

These are also great for baby dolls! So, if you little one have a favorite baby doll, maybe now is a good time to get some matching cloth for them!

Thank you all so much for allowing me to learn and grow through this little adventure of business ownership!

And, if you have any tips for me...or just want to say Hi, I would love for you to comment at the bottom of this blog!

And I will say, without promising ;) , that I hope to blog must more frequently!

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