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NEW! All In One Briefs in Adult Sizes!

Hey Everyone! Look at me, blogging twice this month. (Ha!) You all have motivated me to keep you informed! If you are on our e-mail list, then this is old news...but the pictures are new!

Adult Large All-In-One Brief

We have added the All-In-One Brief to our line of products. Our All in One Training Pants for kids is one of our more popular products and we get requests all the time for a similar item in adult sizes. So, this month we took the plunge and they will be slowing rolling into our shop.

The All In One Briefs have some great features that I would love to explain in detail for you all.

These are made with the same materials you know and love as our Stuffable briefs. The outside layer is made of PUL, a waterproof knit with just enough stretch for all day comfort. And soft enough that is doesn't "crinkle" when you walk.

The inside layer is super soft microfleece that is soft on the skin and wicks moisture away from your skin to help you feel dry and to avoid skin irritation.

Adult Medium All in One Brief- Lemon yellow

The sewn in soaker is made of 4 layers of cotton velour. These are trim, yet absorbent and great for under jeans!

Finally, the fold-over elastic. This is what makes these a "brief" rather than a "diaper". The fold over elastic goes around the entire waist and leg holes which give the brief a sturdier shape and allow the user to pull it up and down much like regular underwear. These have a lower rise than a typical diaper and, again, fit more like traditional underwear.

AND, as an added bonus, we found a stash of colored "trainer" snaps. These are snap parts that can only be used on our briefs and trainers, so we are having fun and adding a splash of color to our adult line!

** We are currently experiencing some problems with the "shopping" page on our website, so these are not in stock just yet. But, as soon as we are able we will get them stocked and ready for you to purchase!

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