Contest Time! Win a $75 gift Certificate!

We are continuing to make changes here at Snap-EZ and we need YOUR help! Snap-EZ began at the beginning of the cloth diapering movement. Back when cloth diapering was anything but easy. That is where the name came from. Adding snaps and other basic features made cloth diapering "EZ".

However, here we are almost 13 years later and cloth diapering in general is easy. It no longer requires diaper pins and plastic covers. What used to be cumbersome has become easy and mainstream.

With that in mind, we are ready to crate a NEW Logo with a new byline.

"Snap-EZ : cloth diapering for all ages and abilities"

Our graphic design abilities are very limited, and that is where YOU come in! We are having a Logo Design Contest!

Here is what we are looking for:

- Something with the new byline

- It would be ideal to be similar enough to the original that people still recognize us as the same company, but we are not attached to anything specific about the current logo (seen at the top of our website).

- Our customer base is mostly adults (not babies, like most cloth diaper companies), so we would like it to be more modern, and mature.

Other than that, have at it. be creative!

The top 5 entries will be posted to social media and we will have YOU vote on your favorite!

You can submit your entry via e-mail:

In the subject line: Contest Entry- Your Name

Entries will be accepted until July 31, 2017. The contest Winner will receive a $75 gift certificate to use on anything in the shop!

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