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Hemp Inserts on Sale!

We had a bit of a delay due to computer problems, but as promised, our Hemp/Cotton Inserts are now on sale! All hemp/cotton inserts are currently 10% off (no coupon needed).

But for those of you reading this, there is an ADDITIONAL 10% off available at checkout when you use the code: { HC10 } . Both discounts are good until July 31.

Our Hemp/Cotton Inserts are made from two layers of 55% Hemp /45% ORGANIC Cotton Fleece. These are trim, super absorbent, and great for heavy wetness. These are designed to fold in half or in thirds the long way and then get inserted into the pocket diaper/stuffable briefs. Doing this gives 4 - 6 absorbent layers when in the diaper, but only 2 when washing and drying! These are about half the thickness of a prefold, yet they hold nearly double the amount of liquid! The Cotton part causes the insert to absorb wetness quickly, the hemp enables the insert to hold onto the wetness!

As a reminder, our inserts are made to order so there will be a 10-14 day delay in shipping. Happy Shopping!

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