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Pre-Order Prints are Back!

Our first ever pre-order print sale was a huge success, and we are ready to do it again! This time we have added three times the choices!

Here is how it works: These are PRE-ORDER. All pre-orders take about 6-8 weeks to ship, but we will do our best to get them out sooner.

When you know which product(s) you want, and the size you need simply select those items from the drop down box. **Important: make sure you leave a comment with the NAME of the print that you want for each item you purchase. The names are printed on each photo!

Be sure to look at the product descriptions on the rest of our site, and the size chart so you get the appropriate size.

The pre-order sale will run now thru August 19, with the shipping goal of October 1.

For those that have read to the bottom, we have a special coupon code just for you! Use code: PSB3G1 . For every 3 prints you order, get one completely free! There is no limit on this, but the coupon expires on August 19, so order now!

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