Pick Your Savings Stock Up Sale!

It's a Pick Your Savings Stock Up Sale! We are overflowing with certain colors/products, and have a few colors that are nearing a discontinued status so we want to give you a chance to get some of these colors before they are gone forever! All the soon to be discontinued colors have been marked down in the store (butter yellow, celery, cotton candy pink, ice blue, and seaspray). We will continue to stock these colors at their marked down price until they are gone.

Now, about the Pick Your Saving Stock up Sale. There are 5, count them, FIVE coupons you can use to stock up on the produts you know andl love!

Code: Discount:

StockUp5 5% off $50 purchae

StockUp10 10% off $100 purchase

StockUp15 15% off $150 purchase

StockUp20 20% off $200 purchase

StockUp25 25% off $250 purchase

These discounts are on top of the already discounted prices. These coupon codes expire on October 31st, so stock up today! .

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