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Peapod Mats- product Review

Ok, I know what you all are thinking.

“She’s blogging?…Really?!?!”

Yes, REALLY! I know, it’s been almost 4 months. But, you guys…I have something to share with you, and I KNOW you will love it!

Peapod Mats. Have you heard of them? I found them quite on accident. When I first started the Snap-EZ Instagram account (@snapezcloth), I searched a few key terms to find some like-minded businesses and people. Quite honestly, I was hoping to find ways to market our products and get the word out. And I did. In my search, I found lots of like minded people, pages and businesses.

I started following Peapod Mats about a year ago. I love what they have to offer, and their target market is spot on with ours. When I took a look at their “About Us” page, I realized that they are only about an hour away from our shop. They are based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, in Canada. We are based in the US, but are literally about 10 minutes from the US/CA border. I haven’t had the chance yet, but I am hoping to be able to stop by their shop in the future and get a better look at everything they have to offer.

3' x 5' Peapod Mat in Greyish

So, what are Peapod Mats? Great question! They are a Waterproof bedwetting/incontinence mat.

I have a 4 year old that has been completely potty trained for over a year, but still regularly wets the bed. We still put him in a diaper every night (usually an AIO Trainer with a Hemp insert folded and laid down the middle). Now, obviously, the goal of all Snap-EZ products is to not leak. And for the most part, that is absolutely the result! HOWEVER, my little guy is a tummy sleep and a heavy wetter. So while on his tummy all of the liquid goes forward, not down. And he will occasionally leak. We have also had times when he falls asleep in the car and we transfer him to bed for a nap WITHOUT a diaper on. For the longest time, I just said a prayer and hoped that he would stay dry.

Now, with the Peapod Mat, I no longer need to worry about that. I contacted the company about 5 weeks ago, and they graciously sent me a 3’x5’ mat in “Greyish”. This is the perfect size for a twin bed. It fits perfectly, and I don’t need to worry about my son staying on top of the absorbent area because the whole thing is absorbent.

It is thin, and the top layer is a super soft terry cloth material. My favorite part is the backing. I’m not sure what it is made of, but it’s almost like a super fine Velcro. There is just enough tooth in the material to make it “stick” to the sheet so that is stays put. It’s doesn’t shift at all (my sheets shift on the mattress, but not the Peapod Mat!).

Now, when accidents do happen, I just pick up the mat and toss it in the laundry . No need to make the WHOLE bed again.

Peapod Mats are offered in multiple sizes. My mother was recently diagnosed with cancer, and one of the resulting symptoms is a chronic cough due to swollen lymph nodes. This cough has turned into moments of urge incontinence.

She had called me and asked if I could make her a custom mat for her chair in her living room. I had just started using our Peapod Mat and was more than happy to send her to their page to order one of their 1.5’ x 1.5’ mats.

This is ideal for a car seat, wheel chair, or your favorite living room chair!

I know so many of you could use one of these, and some have asked if we have a similar product. While it is tempting to take on every product that someone requests, there is no reason to reinvent the wheel.

Peapod Mats has an excellent product that I wish I had found years ago when my oldest was little. For now, I share the product love with you!

I have linked their website in this post, but for all US customers, they have their products available on Amazon as well (best shipping!). Happy Shopping!

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