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Snap-EZ Brand Rep Search

Snap-EZ is holding its first ever Brand Rep and Brand Enthusiast Search- (specifically for Instagram)! We are looking for 3 Brand Reps and 6 Brand Enthusiasts.

@snapezcloth Brand Rep Search

What is a Brand Rep, you ask?

“A brand rep (short for 'brand representative) is someone who represents a brand (@snapezcloth) on Instagram. A brand or store will choose a Rep based on the style of photography and the look they want to promote, so basically the decision depends on your Instagram feed and level of activity.” -Yahoo Answers

What are we looking for?

Our target market is the disabled community, specifically those with incontinence type needs. We have gotten to know our customer base quite well and know that our customers have all variety of disabilities that lead to their need of cloth diapering products. Some examples are: down syndrome, autism, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, and so much more. We also have a community of adults that have varying degrees of incontinence needs.

We are looking for people with active Instagram accounts that have a high following. You will post clear photos that show off Snap-EZ products at least once per week to help promote the brand.

This term will last from July1- Spetember 30.

In exchange, Brand Reps will receive 2 FREE items each month, and Brand Enthusiasts will receive 50% off their purchase each month and are required to purchase 1 item per month (50% off is good on up to 5 items/month).

How to enter:

Follow us @SnapEZCloth , then look for the post with the same photo shown at the top of this Blog Post.

Ok, maybe you keep your Instagram account private. We get that! We have a private personal account too. But maybe, just maybe you have a favorite account you follow that you think would be a great Snap-EZ Rep. Can you refer them to us? Tag them in our Brand Rep Post and if we select them as a Rep or Enthusiast, we will send you a Thank you gift too! We want to be where you are!

Search ends on 6/15/18.

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