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Spring Cleaning: Part 2

Anyone else out there avoid things because you are not mentally prepared to do what it is you are avoiding?

No? Just me?


Blank Screen

Well then, the good news is that I finally sat down to do the “thing” I've been avoiding. Here I am, writing this blog post. Yep, blogging is a weakness of mine...actually, writing is my weakness. I have never enjoyed it, I never feel like I'm nearly as eloquent as so many other bloggers out there...but here I am.

Why do I do it, when I clearly do not love it? Well, 2 reasons really.

  1. I know, that as a small business owner whose entire business lives on the internet, blogging is necessary.

  2. There are things that need to be said/heard! The main reason I have been avoiding this specific blog post is that I have about a million things running through my head that I want to ask each and everyone of you, but I know I can't do that. I also know that I can't and shouldn't share EVERYTHING. So, I'm here trying to figure out how to do things one step at a time and still share all the latest news and updates with our business, the new things we have planned in the coming months and more!

So, bear with me, while I stumble through this post. And, if you've read this far, will you humor me and leave a comment at the end of this post? Thanks!

Ok, on to the actual content of this post.

If you read my last post, you know that I had planned to spend these last 2 weeks deep cleaning our shop/office. Well, some things were accomplished, and some things weren't. And that's ok.

One of the biggest things is that I attempted to scrap cut through all of my totes of fabric. As most of you probably know, fabric comes on bolts. And, once you cut out the pieces needed, you end up with scarp pieces. We typically toss these all into a plastic tote and use those up as needed. Well, I have 2 totes (each holds 15.5 gallons) stuffed to the brim with fabric pieces. So, I have spent the last week and a half cutting though most of it.

I now have enough cuts to have 6 Snap Extenders of each color, in every size, cut and ready to go to a seamstress. That totals 115+ extenders. (And for those that are interested, each extender has a total of 3 cuts of fabric- so a total of 345 pieces cut).

I also spent time cutting Snap Backs. Never heard of Snap Backs? Yeah, it's one of those necessary things that no one will ever see. There are 2 in every pocket diaper we make . They provide a second layer of PUL under the snaps to ensure that the snaps don't pull through the fabric. I can't begin to tell you have many of those I cut, but it feels good to have them done (for now).

I'm not done cutting though my totes, but I have made a huge dent in the never ending pile.

Day For Girls, Bellingham, WA

I also made a trip to Days for Girls where I donate bags of PUL scraps. Because our pile is truly never ending, there often comes a point where it just makes more sense to donate what's left and start fresh.

As I mentioned I have so much more that I want to share with you all, so come back and read my next post. There are new things coming, personal updates and more! Oh, and for those that have been waiting, we will be stocking lots of pocket diapers tonight!

Thanks for reading this far. I really do appreciate it! And, please leave a comment! Let me know what you think, what you want to know more about, etc!

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