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Meet Snap-EZ Brand Rep, Amy

For those of you that follow us on Instagram, you know that we recently held our first ever Brand Rep Search. We announced the two people we chose to be our reps for the next 3 months and wanted to introduce you to one today!

The following is Amy's story, in her own words. Its been a bit over a year now since she found us and we love that we get to help meet the needs of people like her!


From Amy:

Why I cloth diaper.

My friends often tease me about being a granola tree hugger. But I don't cloth diaper for that reason. When we adopted Cary Lynn she had (and still has) a long list of special needs. Two problems cropped up from the get go. Her skin is really sensitive and disposable diapers often gave her a rash.

Cary Lynn also has something called diabetes insipidus. It means that her kidneys don't remove toxins from her body like they should. She pees out water and holds on to the bad stuff. We have to weigh her diapers and (here's the fun part) smell her urine (super gross I know) to make sure her body is doing what it's supposed to.

Snap EZ Rep, little girl in a wheelchair

With disposables she was breaking out and they trapped the urine and it's scent, so we couldn't tell. I started researching options and found a local group that helped me out. We loved cloth diapering from the start. Cary Lynn's rashes went away, I was able to monitor her DI, and she loved her "butt fluffs". While most kids outgrow cloth and toilet train, Cary Lynn is unable to at this time. But she still grew and she outgrew her cloth diapers. Our local group didn't have any resources so we went back to disposables.

In our state a child with severe disabilities qualifies for diapers. Unfortunately, they are the cheap and flimsy kind. Even as they get older the adult supplies are equally terrible. Our diapers often fell apart, didn't absorb, in a word they were awful.

I also spent hours on the phone with the company. Even though we qualified for diapers they conveniently "lost" our script. We would go for months without supplies. We were buying diapers out of pocket, but the larger the child the more expensive the diaper and the less you get. So I put out a cry in my special needs mom's group. I was directed to two companies that did cloth diapering for older children. One was yours [Snap-EZ]. I placed an order and waited. I was thrilled when they came. Cary Lynn is now back in cloth. I'm rebuilding my stash and she's rocking her "butt fluffs". I'm so thankful that we found you guys. We don't have to deal with our state supplier, I haven't bought any disposables in a months!

Thank you so much!

To see more from Amy, and her sweet little girl, head over to Instagram and follow her @amyfields417, and if you are not already, follow us too! @snapezcloth

Do you have a story to share? We would love to hear how our products have helped you in your everyday life. We are happy to keep personal information private, if desired. Send us an e-mail with your story to

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