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You Tube Review!

A few months ago we had a customer order from us. He then told me that he had found us through a YouTube review. He has since become a loyal customer!

Out of curiosity, I looked up the video he had watched. It was over 3 years old! In the video, the reviewer made a few comments about changes she would make. One of those was to try a Suede Cloth inner (we currently use Micro Fleece).

I took it upon myself to contact her, and custom made this Rainbow Stripe Pocket Diaper with a suede cloth inner. After watching the video, I am glad I had her test it. While the suede cloth is super soft, microfleece seems to perform better.

And, to answer a few of her other questions.

1) Yes, these come in a Low Rise of Regular Rise option (Regular Rise is shown in her video).

2) Yes, we offer prints. These are most often only offered through pre-order sales. We have one happening now (ends tomorrow 6/30). The #1 reason these are a pre-order item only is because prints cost almost twice as much as solids, when we purchase the materials. When you pre-order, we don't increase the price of the product. Something to note, if you are looking for a specific type of print, we will pre-order for you but we have a few basic guidelines when we do that. our current print sale came from a customer that was looking for nautical or pirate theme prints. Coincidently, that is the SAME customer that inspired this YouTube review. Anyway, we found a few for them to choose from, then offered them to everyone as well. So, if you are looking for something special, e-mail us!

Thank you to Brittany from Back In Diapers. You can check out all of her other reviews on You Tube as well. Give her some love, and while you are there give a Thumbs Up on her review of our products.

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