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Meet Snap-EZ Rep- Levi

I introduced you to the first of our two Instagram Reps a little over a week ago. Today, I wanted to take a quick minute to share the story of our second rep, Levi. Levi was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy shortly after birth.

Snap-EZ Rep, Levi

"I have always struggled with staying dry throughout my entire life. My disability causes my bladder to be spastic which gives me urge incontinence then add to that the fact it takes me longer to do things like go to the bathroom this is a recipe for an accident waiting to happen As a child diapers were not an option, but as an adult, I have decided to take back control of my life. My journey starts out were most of us have been. I reached out to my medical provider asking for a prescription. I tried a few different disposable pull-ups, I knew almost from the start there wasn’t going to be an easy solution. They were either paper thin and not absorbent enough or they were too expensive to get the level of absorbency I wanted and not covered under my insurance.

After searching the internet I found a few stay-at-home moms who made cloth diapers. I think the hardest part was finding the right fit and absorbency level. All the makers of cloth diapers I’ve talked to over the years has been supportive and willing to answer any questions no matter how silly I thought it might be. As I have gotten older my needs and abilities have changed. There are times when doing the snaps are too difficult so I need to use something that has a pull-on style. There are also times when I need more or less absorbency. These are both great things about the different types of cloth diapers I have found. They allow you the flexibility to get what you need for that moment. When Snap-EZ was looking for brand reps I wasn’t sure if I was going to be a good fit. I am not someone who uses cloth diapers 24/7, but instead on a case by case basis. There are also times when I need a simple pull-on style instead of dealing with the snaps. The reason I decided to apply was that I want to try and bring greater awareness to how easy using cloth diapers can be even for those of us with disabilities. I also hope to bring adults wearing diapers out of the closet and into the light because this isn’t something we should be ashamed of. Thank you for allowing me to represent such a good brand.


You can follow Levi on Instagram at @wheelsondown. And, if you aren't already, follow us too. ;) @snapezcloth

*If you have a story you are willing to share, e-mail me! We love hearing how our products are helping you in your everyday life!

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