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Life Update!

It's amazing how quickly life can change, isn't it?

Two weeks ago I posted a life update on our family. One of the things I told you about is that I am scheduled for elbow surgery (chronic tendinitis) at the end of this month. This is something that I am kind of looking forward to, only because of the annoying inconvenience it is to deal with elbow pain in almost any activity I do. This includes: fold laundry, washing dishes, cutting fabric (diapers), weeding the garden, talking on the phone, and sooo much more.

Snap-EZ Owner at the Doctor

Well, God has a funny way of changing our plans. As of right now, my surgery is rescheduled for the end of September BECAUSE, my husband had unplanned (almost emergency) elbow surgery about a week and a half ago.

Remember the part in my last post about our home renovation? Yeah?

Snap-EZ Headquarters Remodel

Well, my husband was working on removing the roof and long story short, he made one wrong move are completely tore his Biceps Tendon at the elbow. He heard the “Pop” and told me he thought he broke his arm. After a trip to urgent care, an x-ray, and an MRI (three different appointments, over the course of a week), the doctors found what was wrong and surgery was a week after the incident. This is the type of injury that must be repaired within 10 days or there is a huge chance that it becomes non-repairable. So, we are thankful that we got him in to the doctor in time, but it has thrown things off a bit around here.

A great thing is that he has been home from work for two weeks, and we have done a few extra things with him around. He has a lot of sick leave racked up at his workplace, and they are very understanding (Thank you, Lord!).

He can't do any heavy lifting for at least 3 months, and it can take up to 6 months for him to get back to “normal”. Thankfully, the injury was to his left (non-dominate) arm.

All this to say, my surgery has been put on the back burner, while we let him recover a bit more.

This also means that I have a whole month to get the shop cleaned up and ready for my seamstresses while I am in recovery.

We will keep you posted on details, because inevitably, these types of things tend to slow my work ability a bit. And I don't want you to think I've disappeared. ;)

**For those that voted on their favorite new colors to add to the shop, come back tomorrow, I'll be posting an update on that!

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