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Vote For Your Favorite NEW Colors- Round 2

You all amaze me! We sent out an e-mail (and posted on social media) asking you to vote for your top 3 choices of new colors that we are considering for the shop.

We took notes as the e-mails came in and have the results from round one.

Here are the top 5 colors that YOU voted on.

Number 1: Plum

Tied for Number 2: Grey and Turquoise

Tied for Number 3: Navy and Raspberry

New Colors for Snap-EZ Cloth Diapers

Now, we need to help to narrow it down one more time. Will you vote again? This time we want your top two choices. We will be tallying votes for the next week, and starting Friday, August 31st we will have a pre-sale for the winning two colors.

Please , leave a comment below, e-mail us, or find our post on Facebook or Instagram and let us know your top choices from the photo above. you can vote with a color Name or the Number in the photo above.

AND... for those looking for prints. Stay tuned, we have some of our previous prints that will be stocked soon. These are limited and only available in certain sizes.

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