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Post-Op Update and More!

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It's been 8 days since I have my Epicondyle Release (tennis elbow surgery) and I wanted to take a few minutes to update all of you. I had to use the photo above, because the photo below may not be the first thing everyone wants to see. :) I will add more details relating to the above photo at the end.

First of all, surgery went well. What a bizarre feeling to close your eyes and then open them in what feels like the same moment, only to be in a different room and be told that everything went well. The last time I had anesthesia was for oral surgery when I was in high school, nearly 20 years ago!

According to the doctors report via my husband, surgery was a good choice because there was deterioration in the tendon and it would not have healed on its own. After living with the tennis elbow pain for nearly 2 years, I was pretty sure that surgery was necessary, but it was still a choice on my part. So, it was nice to hear the doctors confirmation that it was the best choice.

This is what it looks like today. A nice little railroad track, with six sutures still in place. Those come out next week. There is still swelling, bruising and nerve pain, but I do notice a mild difference already, which has been very reassuring.

So, thank you to all of you that responded to the last post with prayers and well-wishes.

My post-op appt is next week when I will have an even more accurate update then.

Now, more about the discontinued colors. We have slowly been clearing out the 8 colors in the photo above (Cotton Candy Pink, Butter Yellow, Celery, Ice Blue, Frost Blue, Seaspray, Periwinkle, and Lilac). Many sizes are sold out, but we still have a number of products available. We have updated the inventory and cleaned the product page up to make it easier to shop. Sometime next week the discontinued page will disappear and we will add the leftovers back to their original product page, at retail prices. Here is the link to make it easier to shop!

And, as a reminder, we still have some pre-order prints and a new solid available here.

Have a great weekend!

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