Snap-EZ Podcast Interview!

How has another month flown by already? It's been a busy time around here, but I did find something FUN to do while I'm still on the mend (elbow update at the end!).

I have been following @clothdiaperpodcast on Instagram for a few months now, and this last month I took the opportunity to reach out to her and tell her all about us! It was so fun to chat with her on the phone (thank you internet for making international calls free!).

I would love to share the love with her and her newer podcast, click HERE to find the link to our story. I also took the opportunity to send her some product and am excited to hear her review of it soon! I'll share that once I hear from her.

Now, for a personal update. The elbow is still in recovery mode. It's been 4.5 week since surgery and to be honest, I am using more than I should be (oops). There are days that I can totally tell that it is getting better, but there are also days where it feels the same as it has for the last 2 years.

The incision is healing nicely, but there is still a fairly large (in my opinion) bump right at the joint. You can see the shadowing around the bump in the photo. I plan to ask the doctor about then at my 6 week check up.

I was told that it's a 3-6 month recovery time, so I'll wait patiently. The hardest thing for me is that I can't do a lot of things I was doing before, and I have to rely on others a lot more. I'm sure this a good thing (character building perhaps? ).

That being said, the NAVY diapers that I have been talking about for way too long are finally going to the seamstresses this week. I hope to officially have them in stock by the beginning of November. Thank you all for your patience!

You can see a sneak peek over on our Instagram or Facebook Account! :)

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