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Snap-EZ Stuffable Briefs

How A Stuffable Brief Works

Snap--EZ Stuffable Briefs are sewn with a pocket opening in the back, with elastic on all sides. An absorbent insert/prefold is inserted into the pocket opening, between the outer waterproof layer and the inner microfleece layer.  The wetness is wicked though the inner microfleece and into the soaker/insert inside, leaving the wearer feeling dry. After wearing, simply remove the insert, wash, dry and use again! 

Stuffable Briefs have an opening at the back
to stuff an insert/soaker/prefold into.

These briefs consist of an outer layer of knit "PUL" (waterproof laminated polyester knit fabric), and an inner layer of knit microfleece. The microfleece wicks the moisture away from the skin and into the insert/prefold so wetness is not felt.

Microfleece helps to reduce the incidence of rashes,  makes clean up much easier as "stuff" doesn't stick to it like it does to diaper flannel and other cottons!

We use a plush fold over elastic because it is gentle on the skin and the stretch makes these easy to put on and take off! This creates a product that functions like underwear (easy to pull up/down), and allows for independence! The Snaps allow for easy clean up of accidents, as well as  quick and easy changes without taking clothing off.

There are multiple rows of snaps to choose from on each side, allowing for adjusting the fit of the leg, hip and waist separately.

Stuffable Briefs on Youngsters: