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Washing & Care Instructions

Snap-EZ ™ Products are all easy to care for.


***Recommended Detergents:***

**  Country Save   **  Allen's All Natural  **  All Free Clear  **

Detergents to avoid:

** Arm and Hammer  **  Dreft  **  Ivory **

These have all found to cause build up in diapers that lead to repelling or odor problems!


Detergents that may cause burning for those with sensitive skin:
**  Sensi Clean  **  Sports Wash  **

While these soaps are highly recommended for cloth diapers, for some people it can cause burns,
so I recommend avoiding them if you have sensitive skin.


If you develop a rash/burns/boils after switching detergents,
assume it is the detergent - then strip your diapers and switch detergents asap!

General Washing Instructions


Wash All Products Separately from any Hemp products!

(Until after the first 8 wash/dry cycles)

To make your first experience with Snap-EZ Pocket diapers,  training pants

and stuffable briefs the best that it can possibly be, please prewash

all diapers and trainers in a hot wash/cold rinse
(adding boiling water might be necessary if you hot

water heater is set at less than 130 degrees F)
with 1 tsp dishwashing detergent to remove the manufacturing
residue so the fabrics can do the job they are supposed to do!

Do not wash Stuffable Briefs & AIOTraining Pants/ with any velcro products!
(as it will ruin the elastic trim)

I recommend that you use a "Dry Pail."
This means that you don't fill your diaper pail with water
- this causes back strain and huge disgusting messes
when knocked over by the dog or toddler.


Do not use both baking soda and vinegar together or for every wash
as this can cause an odor problem when these two are combined!


Regular Washing/Drying Recommendations:

Set your washing machine for a presoak if you have soiled items
(first remove solid waist and flush), use a hot wash/cold or warm rinse,
add a minimal amount of detergent to the wash cycle, vinegar to rinse if desired,
and an extra rinse to be sure to get out all the vinegar.

I also follow this up with a quick hot wash cycle with no detergent to prevent build up!

To dry them you can dry them in a dryer on high at least once for products made with PUL
(this helps seal the seams in the PUL),
and after that on high or medium, or you can line dry them.

I do recommend drying products that have PUL on high once a month to keep them sealed.

If you wash your inserts and diapers together, I recommend removing the
Diapers or Stuffable Briefs after the first run and then leave the inserts in for
a little longer as they take longer than the pockets do to dry.
This will help reduce the wear and tear on your diapers and training pants!

I personally wash my pocket diapers and training pants separately from the inserts
to reduce wear and tear.

I also put the soiled diapers (after removing solids) in the washing machine for a rinse only cycle
and then add the rest of the pocket diapers and Stuffable Briefs.
I recommend doing this for youth and adult usage to prevent odors from developing.

If you have any staining problem (and this is rare), I recommend that you line dry them in the sun
(it does a really nice job of taking care of those stains without any harsh chemicals!)


Special Briefs & AIO Training Pants Instructions

****Do not wash the trainers with velcro products!!*****

- the velcro will wreck the Fold Over Elastic!

1) These training pants shrink about 2 inches in the waist and 1 1/2 inches in the thigh,
so prewash (wash in Hot, dry on High) these at least twice before you judge the fit!
I recommend washing just one with your white load to check the fit before you wash your entire order.

2) These also need to be prewashed as stated above or the inside fabric
will repel liquid and you will have a leaky mess!

3) These will wash/dry best if unsnapped first!

Snap-EZ ® Inserts

For best results, , please follow the appropriate instructions below:

For Hemp/Cotton Super Absorbent Inserts:

First Time Prepping:

Boil the inserts in a large pan of water, with 1 tsp dishwashing detergent added,
for 20 minutes and then allow to cool slightly.
Pour off excess water and dump the inserts into you washing matching.
Then wash them in HOT water with 1/2 the normal amount of detergent and dry on HIGH

 for 3 cycles to strip the hemp of it's natural oils and maximize the absorbency.

After Prepping/Regular Washing Instructions:

Wash in Hot Water with 1/2 the amount  recommended on detergent container,

extra rinse recommended.   Dry on High.

For Velour Inserts:

First Time Prepping:

Wash in hot with a little dishwashing detergent and dry on high,
wash once more with laundry detergent

Dry on High


After Prepping/Regular Washing Instructions:

Wash in Hot Water with 1/2 the amount  recommended on detergent container,

extra rinse recommended.   Dry on High.


Snap-EZ ® Wet Bags

***Do not wash the Wet Bags  with any velcro products***
as the velcro will wreck the stitching

Wet Bags should be prewashed in hot and dried on high to seal the PUL!
These can be washed with you diapers.


If you have further questions please visit our FAQ Page: